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Škoda TVP T 50/51: Top of the Czech Tree

With the upcoming introduction of the Czech tech tree to World of Tanks, you'll have a brand-new tier X to reach for -- the Škoda TVP T50/51! And it sure won't disappoint. Take a look at the ins and outs of this top-tier medium tank.


The Škoda TVP T50/51 is known for its high mobility, excellent view range and elevation angles, making it an excellent support tank. It also sports an impressive auto-loading gun with a quick reload time. 

Tactical Role

With its high speed, the Škoda TVP T50/51 is best played as a support tank, staying with the group and quickly changing positions as the battle unfolds.

Make sure to keep yourself covered at all times during battle using all available hiding spots, including allied heavy tanks! As the end of the battle approaches, get a little more aggressive to corner your damaged enemies and eliminate the competition. It's important to protect your HP during the battle and only risk it once the end is near and the enemy's HP has diminished significantly.