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Show Match Won

The good thing about show matches is that any result is still a good result. The recent show match proved that Panzerknacker are stronger when on the battlefields of 8/42 style. Just to remind you, 8 stands for the maximum Tier of vehicles and 42 is the maximum number of points the team can get in total when the roster is completed.
The roster of the developers’ team looked as follows: PzKpfw VIB Tiger II, M26 Pershing, T-44, SU-8, Grille, Panter II, T1 Heavy. World of Tanks development team was represented by Gustav_Fuchs, mediahead, Vallter, E_Bragin, hot_key, PromoD17 and Overlord. However the rivals were not able to figure out who is who as both the teams were using special accounts.

Although the match was delayed due to technical reasons, otherwise it went on as planned. The show match comprised 5 battles, 10 minutes long each. All battles were held on 4 different maps: Lakeville, Prokhorovka, Himmelsdorf and Steppes. Lakeville was used for two battles.

Thanks to this diversity in maps, both the teams were bound to use different tactics and approaches. As teamwork is essential in World of Tanks, Panzerknacker proved to be better co-ordinated and their experience and training brought them the success of winning over the developers!

Despite the results presents awaited Panzerknackers anyway. All the show match participants were given 3 branded World of Tanks T-shirts as well as other branded souvenirs including “minipanzers”. The tankers also got paysafe cards for 3,000 gold and unique steel mouse pads, which can be found in very limited numbers.

What they think about their own performance and some news about the clan Panzerknacker you will learn from the video interview we managed to make with Grimmblut, who used to be the leader of the clan.

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