Shoot and Scoot Weekend


Artillery. Sometimes your bane, other times a boon. An oft-overlooked bit of play is moving after shooting; prepare for some punishment if you're not in the habit of doing this. Counter-battery fire is a fine art, one that all dedicated artillerymen should be proficient in. With these bonuses and discounts, we're sure a number of you will be out there getting some practice.

Shoot and Scoot Weekend begins at 03:30 PST (11:30 UTC) on February 8th and runs through 03:00 (11:00 UTC) on February 11th.

Increased XP for the First Victory of the Day

10% Discount for One Year Premium Purchase

 +50% Credit Income Bonus & a 50% Credit Discount for the Following Vehicles:

VI M12 M12
GW Panther GW Panther

Lorraine155 50 Lorraine155 50

S-51 S-51

SU-14 SU-14

50% Gold Discount for the Following Vehicle

IV 105 leFH18B2 105 leFH18B2  


Please keep in mind that selling any of the discounted vehicles above during the sale will yield only a 50% return of the sale price as credits.

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