Weekend Event: Hunt the Sheriff, Earn Gold!

Do you know about World of Tanks' Sheriff program? Want to earn 250 Gold for destroying a particular player's vehicle? Of course you do! This weekend is your chance to earn big in our special "Hunt the Sheriff" event!

It's simple: Just destroy a vehicle designated as a Sherrif — look for the "[SHRFF]" clan tag — and get 250 Gold.

But this is madness, you say. With so many matches each day — what are my chances of coming across one of these vehicles? They're pretty good, actually. Simply use the following schedule:

But wait — can I be a Sheriff? Sounds like a lot of fun!

You're in luck! Interested parties can apply for a "Sheriff's Posse" account — check out the following link for complete info:


Yes, there are rules (this isn't Thunderdome):

  • In order to get the 250 Gold reward, the Sheriff must be on the enemy team — destroying a Sheriff vehicle on your side will result in the regular penalties...plus, your teammates will hate you.
  • The player who delivers the final blow to the Sheriff's vehicle gets the reward, regardless of total damage other players may have inflicted on it during the battle.
  • Each player can only take out one Sheriff per battle — there is no extra Gold for destroying multiple Sheriffs.

Good luck, saddle up, and have fun!

This article contains no Slowhand references.