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September Events and Specials

April Events


Here is a mostly complete list of all of the Events and Specials planned for the month of September. Our Events Calendar can be checked for more details.

Here is a brief preview of our upcoming September contests:

August All Stars:

  • All Star #52: USA
  • All Star #53: Germany
  • All Star #54: France
  • All Star #55: USSR

Creative Contest:

This month's creative contest has not yet been finalized so you'll need to keep your eyes on the news feed for further information!

Weekend Contests:

We have 2 MVP contests this month, including one that rolls over the tail end of August.  We also have one Who Shot the Sheriff planned for the end of September.

Twitter Contest:

We will be holding only one Twitter Quiz this month on September 19th.


Here is a rundown of the September specials:

Tech Tree Focus:

  • USA - Sep. 3-7
  • Germany - Sep. 10-14
  • France - Sep. 17-21
  • USSR - Sep. 24-28

Weekend Specials:

  • Labor Day Weekend (carried over from August)
  • Prototype Weekend
  • Ural Steel Weekend
  • Peace Weekend
  • Battle of Scheldt Weekend

Vehicle Rollout:

  • USSR for the first half of the month
  • USA for the second half of the month

We hope you'll participate in some or all of the contests, and that you're able to take advantage of the September specials. 

Roll out!

Please remember, all of these contests and specials can be changed by the NA Community team with or without notice (we will of course try and keep you posted!).