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September Stays Hot

Celebrate 100 years of tanks in a big way with revamped rewards, class-specific events, and a never-before-offered Premium tank you can earn!

To paraphrase Henry Ford, we've got whatever you want, so long as what you want is TANKS!

T-44-100 Marathon

We've never before offered the T-44-100, but it can be yours by battling your way across all eight nations!


100 Years of Tank Rewards

We're rolling out more rewards this month in honor of 100 Years of Tanks.


Deal of the Week

Each week in September has a fresh set of deals on vehicles from specific classes.


September Independence

Special missions in honor of Brazilian and Mexican independence!

Weekend Specials

Our weekend specials are sending you back to school with plenty of ways to earn extra XP!

  • Sept. 2-6: Labor Day weekend!
  • Sept. 9-12: x3 XP first win bonus
  • Sept. 16-19: x2 Crew XP
  • Sept. 23-26: x3 XP first win bonus

Third Thursday Throwdown

Two more easy-to-unlock rentals!


Weekly Class Focus

Looking to learn a new class or brush up on basics? Each week has missions, rentals and special bundles to get you going.

On Track Events

September is the month to work your way up the tech tree towards these two tier X brutes!

  • Sept. 2-16: Object 140
  • Sept. 16-30: T110E3