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Australian AC1 Sentinel Goes Back Down Under!

The Australian-designed AC1 Sentinel was the first tank built with the hull cast as a single piece, and the only tank to be mass-produced in Australia. Today, there are only three AC1 Sentinel tanks left in the world, one which belonged to the tank enthusiast and collector Jacques Littlefield. He owned one of the biggest private collections in the world with over 220 military vehicles.

Wargaming has now acquired the AC1 Sentinel from the Littlefield collection in California, and has transported the tank to its new home in the Australian Armor & Artillery Museum in Cairns. The Sentinel will undergo minor renovations and will soon make its public debut!

Stay tuned for more details on the renovation, and get your own AC1 Sentinel in the Premium Shop soon!

This is the very first time an Australian tank has been released in World of Tanks and it recognizes the strong support that our Australian community has shown us through the years. Thank you!