Sandbox Heads into Phase 4

First of all, a huge thanks to all the players who provided lots of constructive feedback that helped drive the Sandbox test! This has been a very collaborative process and we really appreciate your comments. The team gathered enough input and data to determine how we should further tweak new SPG mechanics and Tier X light tanks leading to release.

The fourth and final Phase of the Second Iteration runs March 16–20. In it, we’ll introduce changes to Tier X light tanks made after the feedback from Phase 3 and continue fine-tuning new SPG mechanics across Tiers VIII–X. Head over to the Sandbox Blog for an in-depth report on these changes and the reasoning behind them.

As always, we’ll be doing a lot of data mining behind the scenes, and we definitely want to hear from you directly! Join us on the test server and please be sure to share your feedback on the Sandbox forum.

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