Sandbox Heads into Phase 3

We want to give a big shout out to all those that have participated in the artillery test in Sandbox so far, and encourage even more of you to jump in! The second round of testing recently came to end, which means there’s a status update inbound.

The changes to SPGs worked well on tier X. They facilitate teamplay, boosted battle dynamics, and made matches feel fairer. Head over to the Sandbox Blog for a detailed report. Moving forward, we’ll continue to refine them within the third phase. It begins February 27 and will add tiers VIII–IX to the test. We will be watching closely how stun, new UI elements, and multi-use consumables affect their gameplay, monitoring your feedback and reviewing logs of data to fine-tune these new mechanics.

Along with new mechanics for artillery, the third phase will feature tier X light tanks. We shared the first details about them during a Supertest. Each light tank branch will get a tier X vehicle, while existing tanks will get rebalanced and stretched to tier IX. The main goal of these changes is to eliminate the frustrating +3 matchmaking that the class currently has. Stretching light tank branches to tier X makes the regular +2 matchmaking possible for them, which should turn them into a standalone battle unit.

Head over to the Sandbox Blog for an in-depth article on new light tanks:

Jump aboard the third round of testing to help us further refine changes to SPGs and fine-tune tier X light tanks!

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