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Rebalance Testing on the Sandbox Server

The first iteration of the limited-access Sandbox test server is ready! 

First Iteration of Testing

We plan to test different approaches to game balance and, if the community approves and it meets specifications, we'll implement the changes. The primary goal of the first iterations of the Sandbox is to balance top-tier vehicles, such as various tier X vehicles and tier VIII light tanks. Any approved changes will then "trickle down" to lower-tier vehicles over time.

There is no guarantee that the "final" version on the Sandbox will be implemented in the live game. Final implementation will depend on the analysis of the data we collect from the tests.

Vehicle Rebalance Goals

The main goal is to increase the importance of armor. Currently, armor is significantly less important than speed and firepower. We're improving this because it can affect so many aspects of gameplay, including: 

  • Lowering the cost of player mistakes
  • Encouraging more active play, because being spotted no longer means instant destruction
  • Reducing combat distance so long-range clashes aren't the ultimate way to win battles
  • Increasing gameplay variety by distinguishing the roles for different types of vehicles
  • Increasing the quality and satisfaction of the game

Access to the test server can be terminated or restricted at any time for non-compliance with the EULA and Terms of Service.

As stated in section 16 ("Beta Tests") of the World of Tanks Terms of Service, “[t]he beta games, including information about features and functionality to be offered as part of the games, are confidential.” Any information sharing from the Sandbox server (live broadcasts, video reports, etc.) is prohibited unless Wargaming representatives have given the participant permission to do so. You can request permission to publish such materials on this Sandbox forum thread.

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