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Behinds the Scenes of "Saints & Soldiers: The Void" Home-Made Panzer III


World of Tanks is on the set of the upcoming WWII tank movie "Saints & Soldiers: The Void." In this episode, the Chieftain spends some time with Randy Beard of Panzer Fabrik, who built a replica of a Panzer III for the film.

In addition, we invite you to comment on the post on the World of Tanks Facebook page to enter to win a free Blu-ray of the second installment of the "Saints & Soldiers" series, "Airborne Creed."

Again, we don't recommend you try to build your own tank... unless it's in World of Tanks.

"Saints & Soldiers: The Void" opens in select theaters on August 15, with an expanded NA theatrical release on August 29.


All physical prizes are available only to U.S. residents.