LANFest Sacramento Spring 2014


LANFest is taking place at the Intel Campus FM7 in Folsom, CA beginning Friday, March 28, 18:00 PDT until Sunday, March 30, 18:00 PDT.

We will have our booth there on Saturday onward as well as the Wargaming H1 Hummer, from Friday evening until Sunday, and we'll be handing out swag, prizes and Gold codes! Additionally, several Wargaming employees will be dropping by to chat with the community and answer questions.

The event will be hosted by our Yoott and Dance210, and they will be running a live 3-versus-3 tournament on Saturday at 15:00 PDT for the people at LANFest.

So tune in at -- or even better, come on down and win some prizes! 

There will be a World of Tanks racing event setup for Saturday, 22:00 PDT at the LANFest.  The organizers have set up in-game racetracks where players will race around crashing, ramming and pushing off cliffs until someone wins. Prizes will be given out for the winners!