Updated Rules and Violations Policy

We’ve heard your requests for more transparency regarding the handling of violations, and today we're announcing an update to our Rules and Violations policy. Wargaming is committed to providing all players with a positive gaming experience and a key part of that is how we handle our rules and what happens when they are violated. Our goal is to make our games a clean and safe environment where players of all ages can have fun. Below you'll find the outline of our new policy, including a new way we'll be rewarding positive members of our community — we know rule policies aren't the most exciting reading material, but we think you'll find this valuable.

The new policy goes into effect August 8, 2016. We're revealing it now so that everyone can be aware of these changes in advance. As we're rolling out the updates to our pollicy, we'll be wiping the slate clean for every Wargaming customer with an active account. Any prior in-game sanctions, chat violations, or forum warnings will no longer count against you.

Please Note
Permanent bans are not eligible for a "clean slate" -- accounts previously banned under our current rules and violations policy will remain so.

Rewarding Positive Players

Players who consistently choose to follow the rules will be rewarded! Every three months, every player without any game, chat, or forum violations will receive a small reward and be entered into a drawing for 90 days of Premium time. 

We believe these new policies will help improve everyone’s overall experience. We don't want to punish people — we want to set clear expectations and then hold players accountable for their behavior in order to improve everyone’s gaming experience!

Players should learn from their past mistakes and not commit the same violations repeatedly.

Previously, violations would “roll off” and no longer count against you after a certain period. This allowed players to "game the system" by improving behavior only long enough for their violation to roll off.

Under Our New Policy

  • Players will receive one warning, and each offense afterward will count as a “strike” against the account.
  • Each strike comes with a restriction and restrictions increase with each strike.
  • Strikes do not "roll off."
  • Once you have reached five (5) strikes, your account can be permanently restricted.
  • If you believe a strike was placed on your account incorrectly, submit a Penalty Appeal as a Support ticket and we will thoroughly review the issue.

Permanent Restrictions

  • Five (5) strikes in chat violations can result in a permanent chat ban.
  • Five (5) strikes in the forums can result in a permanent forum ban.
  • Five (5) strikes in game violations can result in a permanent game ban.

Players will receive one warning, and each offense afterward will count as a “strike” against the account.

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