Rise of the Americas Event Suspended


Phase II of the Rise of the Americas: Unclaimed Glory Clan Wars event was scheduled to resume tonight. Unfortunately, it has been cancelled. The reason being is that we want this event to allow as many clans to participate as possible, not to mention for it to be fun and enjoyable as well. And quite frankly, we feel that we have not achieved these goals. We've decided to suspend, revamp, and restart the event.

Suspend: We have brought down all Clan Wars maps, halting all activity.

Revamp: We'll use this downtime to restructure the event to achieve our goals. This will allow us to work out some technical bugs, and make sure we're clearly communicating how the event will take place. We can do much better, and we'll change the event structure so that significantly more clans, regardless of size or skill, will be able to participate.

Restart: We'll only restart this event when we are confident that we have worked out all technical issues and have communicated the new structure clearly with you. This will require several days of work on our end and additional time to let you prepare. Exact dates and times will be provided.

We feel that this is the best course of action, and not one we took lightly. More information on what this means will be communicated to those that have already participated in the event so far. Details on the new structure will be made available once they have been finalized.

We apologize for any inconveniences that the handling of this event has caused. We are very excited to bring you all of these new Clan Wars activities; unfortunately, we had a few misfires and the event didn’t come together properly. We have one of the most dedicated and passionate communities in the game industry, and you deserve the best event support possible.