Recon Mission 2023: FAQ


The Update 1.20.1 Common Test has introduced a brand-new feature that will bring both the game's visuals and gameplay to the next level. Get ready for random events on the battlefield!

Depending on the map, these events may include, for example, a crashing ship or zeppelin, or the arrival of a train. You may even see multiple random events in one battle.

You learned a bit about this feature from the Common Test article, but now we are going to dive deeper and tell you all about this awesome innovation.

The opportunity to play during the Common Test is just a preliminary technical stability testing of random events and dynamic cover as part of the Recon Mission mode, which will come later in May.

Players can experience random events on four game maps in Recon Mission mode on the Common Test 1.20.1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the developers decide to make these changes to the maps?

Currently, our players don't get very much interaction with the maps. They can break fences, trees, and some large objects, but that's about it. We want to give them the ability to dynamically change situations in battle, especially by interacting with the environment. Our goal is to immerse the player further into the game through rich and vibrant visual effects, building a system that allows them to interact more with the gameplay.

Will random events be added to all of the maps? And will you be including more events on mode maps?

We're not planning to add all of these new features to every map. In theory, we could include them on almost any map, but we're more concerned with practicality. First of all, when adding random events or other features to a map, the main focus should be on improving the game experience, increasing variety, and making the map more interesting for the player. We need to ensure that the features do not conflict with the gameplay concept of the map.

To determine which events to add to which maps, we plan to evaluate test results, feedback, and reactions from the players, as well as the technical performance indicators. Each map will be assessed on its own merits before making any decisions.

Will these random events only be added to Random Battles, or will they be added to other game modes as well, such as Onslaught, Frontline, and Strongholds?

During the testing process, we want to focus solely on Random Battles. That way, we can better understand the full potential of the system and its impact on battle metrics. While we are considering adding these events to other game modes, it is not a priority at the moment and will be discussed at a later stage.

What triggers these events? Is it time, player actions, or the number of destroyed vehicles?

During testing, events will occur with a 100% probability in order to fully evaluate the system. However, our ultimate goal is not to launch events in every battle. Instead, we aim to create a system that controls the launch of events based on a combination of various factors, including time, game situation, and pre-prepared scenarios.

Will players be informed about when and where a random event will occur? If so, how and when will they receive this information?

We definitely want to notify players about events, but at this stage, we cannot confidently discuss how we plan to do so. During the testing phase of Recon Mission, events will occur with a 100% probability. Players will be informed through various communication channels, including an icon on the minimap, a marker in the 3D scene, and an event zone.

However, these notifications are still prototypes and solely for testing purposes. We will definitely improve them in the future.

Are these random events the same on every map, or will they differ?

All events are specifically designed for a particular map. During the testing phase, we will only use a portion of the potential events. We will be considering the details of each event and map individually.

Will these events cause fatal damage to vehicles in the impact zone?

On the Common Test, tanks within the event area will be destroyed.

However, this is a prototype solution for testing purposes, as it's the easiest to implement at the moment. We intend to rework this solution in the future.

Do you think changing cover and terrain is a good idea in a tank game?

Yes, we believe that it's a good idea. After all, it performed very well on all internal tests. Of course, we understand that not everyone will like it, which is why we're holding a public test for any interested players.

When making the final decisions about the feature, we will consider the test results, player reviews and reactions, and technical performance indicators, and then decide which events and maps to add.

How will this impact gameplay?

These events will influence the outcome of battles on the designated maps, but we're not seeking to make drastic changes to the gameplay.

Will these events block certain areas from being accessed or escaped (e.g., blocking the hill on Mines)?

Yes, potentially. Depending on the map, these events may block or open access to new zones and covers on the maps.

How will these changes impact the balance on certain maps?

We want to keep the balance of the whole map and the individual sides of the map at the current level, or even improve it by triggering events.

How will you balance maps after the random events are added?

We have a large number of parameters for these events that we can freely customize. And depending on the test results, we plan to change the amount of influence that these events have on the overall course of the battle. It is possible that events will be disabled on some maps.

Will we have weather effects, like snow or sand storms, on the maps to make the gameplay more dynamic?

At this stage, we are not as focused on the visual aspects (although they are certainly important for this type of feature). We are more concerned with the gameplay component, which can dynamically change the course of a battle. After we make sure that the mechanics work correctly, we will refine the visual component and effects, as well as add new and potentially interesting events, such as weather effects.

How will these events impact PC performance for players?

We are testing the feature on different systems, but cannot say with certainty how much these events will affect performance. We know that a large number of players play our game on low-performance PCs, so we will do our best to ensure that these changes will not greatly affect performance. The impact will be divided mainly between visual performance and computing performance. Some parts of the feature are affected by video memory, and some by the processor, hard drive, and so on. But we already know that this feature will look visually richer on high graphics presets than on low ones.

We hope you've found this information useful. Remember, you can try out random events on the Common Test. Feel free to share your feedback on the forums and social media channels. Your thoughts are important to us.

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