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World of Tanks has partnered up with Razer Gold, the largest independent virtual credit for games and entertainment in the world. From June 26, 2024, through June 30, 2024, purchase any World of Tanks bundle in Razer Gold Shop and get 10% of the amount paid as cashback in Razer Gold. Spend Razer Gold on games, other software, and subscriptions to various online services!


  • Razer Gold cashback can be received once per account and equals 10% of the bundle price.
  • The offer extends to all players in Razer Gold store regions marked as Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Chile.
  • Bundles purchased in Razer Gold Shop can be redeemed only for World of Tanks NA region accounts.

World of Tanks Bundles in Razer Gold Shop

You will find 15 World of Tanks bundles available in Razer Gold Shop overall. These include gold, days of WoT Premium Account, Premium vehicles, and customization elements. Here are some of the nice bundles that can be yours:

Rheinmetall Skorpion Bundle

  • VIII Rheinmetall Skorpion : Very good mobility and a gun with excellent one-time damage, handling parameters, and penetration values compensate for this tank destroyer's distinct lack of armor and average camo values.
  • 100% trained crew and a Garage slot
  • 22 missions for ×5 XP when victorious for the Rheinmetall Skorpion

Lansen C Bundle

  • VIII Lansen C : Stealthy and mobile, this tank can’t boast outstanding protection but it packs a powerful punch with solid one-time damage. This combination of features makes it ideal for supporting allies.
  • 100% trained crew and a Garage slot
  • 16 missions for ×5 XP when victorious for the Lansen C

T92 Bundle

  • VIII T92 : With its excellent view range and high top speed, this vehicle is good at the traditional light tank business of recon. It’s a bit better at active spotting than passive, and it's also capable of dealing some damage.
  • 100% trained crew and a Garage slot
  • 14 missions for ×5 XP when victorious for the T92

Tiger 131 Bundle

  • VI Tiger 131 : This heavy has armor that most same-tier adversaries will have problems penetrating, although it's not very speedy or maneuverable. Other strengths include its nice HP pool and powerful gun with good damage per minute.
  • 100% trained crew and a Garage slot
  • 9 missions for ×5 XP when victorious for the Tiger 131

Customization Bundle

  • 2D style: "Tactical"
  • 3 decals: "Come As You Are"
  • 3 decals: "Crouching Tiger"

Obtain Premium tanks or other valuables and get Razer Gold back!

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