New World of Tanks Designs for Razer Customs Orochi V2 Mouse


Our friends at Razer Customs have expanded their line of custom designs for the high-end Razer Orochi V2 gaming mouse, now including 17 sleek World of Tanks designs. On top of a fully-branded Orochi V2, players can purchase a personalized top shell to customize their mouse whenever they choose. Among the available designs are two inspired by exclusive 3D styles from Holiday Ops 2022.

Please welcome, the mighty Salamander based on the XM551 Sheridan, and the devastating Thunder Child for the FV4005 Stage II.

Full Razer Orochi V2 Lineup

How to Get Your Razer Customs Design

Head to the Razer Customs website to start personalizing your new gaming peripherals.

Select World of Tanks from the "Games" list, choose a product type, then complete 3 quick and easy steps to bring your creation to life:

  1. Select your design
  2. Personalize with your username (up to 15 characters)
  3. Confirm and add to your cart

Head to Razer Customs

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