Ranked Battles – Second Beta Season Results

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The results of the Ranked Battles Second Beta Season are here! Check the “Season Leaders” leaderboard in the game client to see where you rank after three weeks of intense competition. If you’re in the top 50%, you’re getting Bonds, exclusive badges, and crates full of valuable in-game items. They’ll be credited to your account by October 20.

This season was instrumental in the further development of Ranked Battles. We deliberately approached the difficulty level in the first and second betas from two different angles, making it an easy ride the first time around and raising the difficulty the second time. We were left with a sound understanding of the right amount of difficulty to ensure healthy competition that wouldn’t force you to give up.

Though each Beta Season made great strides toward making Ranked Battles better, we’re far from done. You gave us plenty of varied and comprehensive feedback, and now we're taking time to analyze it and make further refinements to season structure and length, rank and Chevron earning, map rotation, and other aspects. Our goal is to facilitate more balanced and exciting matches and ensure Ranked Battles justly rewards skillful performances and teamwork.