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Tank Skin in Honour of Independence Day

World of Tanks provides a good opportunity for all its players, who wish to present their own ideas of tank skin designs, dedicated to the approaching Independence Day. At this stage we are proud to present you the new Design Your Tank Skin contest.

The contest starts immediately and will end on the 7th of July at 23:59 UTC.

Important requirements and notes about creating skins for the contest:

  • Every user can take part in the contest;
  • Players should make skins for one of the following tanks: M4 Sherman,T1 Heavy and Ram-II;
  • Each user may only submit one skin per tank;
  • The skin should be done in the style of Independence Day parade vehicles;
  • The skin should be done so that it can be downloaded;
  • A user has to post screenshots of the tank with the skin in this topic;
  • Each tank will be judged separately;
  • The image should not violate moral, ethic, juridical norms and the EULA.

The winner in each category will receive 6,000 gold. Second place will be awarded 5,000 gold and third place will enjoy 4,000 gold.