Rampage's Ruckus: Champion Tank Company, Feb 22


This Friday, Major_Rampage will be forming a Champion Tank Company! So gather your own company of champions for a chance to face off against his deadly, though good-natured, crew. Remember that time when Rampage said he'd clean your house, but didn't? Well now's your chance to get back at him for failing to dust all the knickknacks!

From 15:00 PST to 18:00 PST on February 22nd, Major_Rampage will be leading his Champion Tank Company on the field of battle. You don't even have to win to score yourself some gold. Simply build your tank company and keep an eye on the Tank Company chat. He'll announce when he's entering the queue. Face Rampage and his posse, get some gold... it's really that easy!

  • Win: everyone on your team gets 600
  • Lose: everyone on your team gets 300
  • Draw: nada, nothing, zero, zilch


Please allow up to 72 hours for delivery of your gold to your accounts.