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Removal of Rampage Mode

After gathering a lot of your feedback and suggestions during these past months, we have come to the conclusion that Rampage mode hasn't met the community's expectations and still needs some work.

With your feedback in mind, as well as the amount of time the mode has been available, we now have a decent amount of data to work with to see what has been working and what hasn't. As a result, we have decided to remove Rampage battles from World of Tanks with the next update.

Even though it is being removed, Rampage mode introduced a number of new gameplay features such as respawning, multi-team battles, the ability to enter a battle with multiple tanks (to name a few). These features opened up great possibilities for further development of World of Tanks, meaning some of these features may return to the game in the future.

Personal Missions for Rampage mode will be disabled in the next update. All rewards received for completing missions will remain in players' accounts; however, there will be no compensation for incomplete missions once the mode is removed. We're informing you now in an effort to give you advanced notice, so please plan accordingly.

Mission Rewards

The T-22 medium – the main reward for Personal Missions in Rampage – will remain on accounts of players that completed the missions by the time the mode and missions are disabled. However, the tank was designed for Rampage mode and our data shows that it significantly outperforms its peers in our other modes. For this reason, the T-22 medium will undergo rebalancing with the next update in order to make it more fitting for Random battles and other modes. As of the next update, there will be no way for players to earn the T-22 medium and we have no more plans to announce the tank's availability at this time. Given the rebalance, however, we may be able bring it back for future events.

Ravaged Capital and Berlin Maps

The maps Ravaged Capital and Berlin, currently Rampage mode exclusives, will be reworked and reintroduced for rotation in Random battles in the future.