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Rampage Personal Missions

Personal Missions are an excellent way to further your tanking career and even pick up some incredible rewards along the way, including unique vehicles, female crew members, consumables, Credits and XP. Currently, Personal Missions can only be completed in Random battles, but after the next update, we'll also have Personal Missions available for the new Rampage mode! 

Second Campaign: Firestorm

You'll be able to get started on the new Personal Missions for Rampage mode by opening the Missions section on the top left corner of the game client. These new missions will be known as the Second Campaign: Firestorm, under the Campaigns tab.

The Second Campaign includes two sets of Personal Missions, one for each sub-mode of Rampage: Steel Hunt and Domination. Each set has 14 basic missions and one final mission. Each mission has both primary and secondary objectives. The primary objective is mandatory, while the secondary objective increases the reward for the completed mission, but only once the primary objective has been fulfilled. 

Each set of Personal Missions includes 10 primary and 5 final missions. The final Personal Missions become available after completing 10 of the primary missions.

When a Personal Mission is completed without honors, having only fulfilled the primary objective, you can always go back and fulfill the secondary objective and earn the extra rewards with honors. 


Unique Vehicle

You'll have the chance to earn the unique tier X Soviet medium tank T-22 sr. with the completion of both final missions. The T-22 sr. will not require Crew retraining when Crew members are moved from another vehicle of the same nation and type. 

Female Crew Members

For every final mission completed, you will earn a female Crew member and choose her nation, vehicle and qualification. Every female Crew member earned via Personal Missions automatically comes with the "Sisterhood of Steel" perk at 100%. 

Additional rewards

By completing primary and secondary conditions, you can earn a considerable number of Credits, up to 6,200,000 if all 30 Personal Missions are completed with honors. Personal Reserves for additional Free XP, Crew XP, Combat XP will also be included amongst the rewards, with a total of 56 Personal Reserves of each type if all Personal Missions are completed.