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Bringing You the Ram II for Victoria Day!

It's Victoria Day in Canada, so what better way to celebrate than with the Canadian-designed Ram II medium tank? It's perfect for newer players wanting a taste of tier V!


The Good

  • Great damage per minute allows the Ram II to play an important role in eliminating the enemy
  • High maximum HP keeps you in the fight longer 
  • Decent armor allows you to get up in your enemy's face

The Bad

  • Its low top speed makes flanking more difficult, and sometimes makes you late for the party
  • Low view range leads to more reliance on your teammates to spot enemy vehicles

The Ugly

  • Its gun can be inaccurate and weak when firing at a distance

Reasons to Buy

  • The perfect first Premium tank for newbies! 
  • It's great for training your American medium tank Crews
  • It makes a solid amount of Credits from battle

Reasons Not to Buy

  • You prefer a quicker medium tank (pick up a T-25)
  • You prefer a heavy tank (get a Churchill III or T34)


These are only suggestions! Feel free to see what works best for you.
The standard loadout of Small First Aid Kit, Small Repair Kit and a Manual Fire Extinguisher is a good way to go, while Large Repair/First Aid Kits reduce the chance of damage or Crew injury from random artillery and HE Shells.

Alternatively, you could mount a Gun Laying Drive for a quicker aim time.

Crew Skills and Perks

 Get the Ram II on its own or fully loaded with equipment only on May 23!