Clans and Clan Wars Q&A


Here is your latest Questions and Answers! This one is focused on the upcoming changes for Clans and Clan Wars.

They say that the destroyed tank will be “frozen” for a day. Will it be the same for all in-game vehicles or will SPGs, TDs, mediums, lights, and heavies have different freezing times?

The freezing time will vary for different tank tiers and types. Heavier and higher-tier tanks will have longer freezing time.

It was said in one of the video interviews that there will be one Global map for all three projects (World of Tanks, Warplanes, and Battleships). How will the maps with World of Warplanes air provinces and World of Tanks land provinces be created? Will the map become 3D or will the provinces be laid over the map?

At the moment we expect each of the three projects to have its own Clan Wars, but there will be a certain co-relation and influence on each other between them. We are now discussing how we can do this co-relation between the 3 Clan Wars. As you know, World of Battleships and World of Warplanes are still in development so we can’t make any promises right now.

Will we see achievements for participating in Clan Wars? (achievements or medals)

Yes, we will be adding achievement for participating in Clan Wars and also for clan mates.

Will the counter-espionage be on during the fog of war on Global map? How much shall it cost?

In the future we are going to change the current intelligence option and add a  counter-espionage function. They will both require the purchase of a special clan consumable: “Resident” for espionage and “Counterspy” for counteraction. To use the latter, one of the clan leaders (commander, deputy commander, diplomat or warlord) will have choose one of the subordinate provinces and click on the special button in the interface.

The counterspy provides cover within 72 turns, when the following options are active:

The chances of sabotage at a certain province are reduced by 40%.

If the enemy Resident enters a clan, then he cannot detect the number of chips set on the counterspy area or see whether it is the clan headquarters. The spy will then see the covered province as an empty one.

The Counterspy decreases the activity efficiency of all enemy Residents at the province by 20%. The stated above options are under consideration and might change, as well as the price of the option has not been decided yet.

Will you re-work the interface and add notification option informing the clan mates about the battles?

Yes, such an option will be added in the future.

 You said previously that there will be battles for super-HQs on the maps of these headquarters. When will it be implemented, taking into account that the HQs are already captured and are controlled and you cannot come closer to them?

We’re planning to create the unique maps for super-headquarters; the specified battles will be carried on such maps, but it won’t be implemented soon. This option will not depend on the status of the headquarters (captured/not captured).

How and when will diplomacy and alliances be added to Clan Wars?

We cannot give an estimate now; all we can say is that the diplomatic act and agreement system is in the process of realization. As far as the “How” aspect is concerned, the whole option is still under construction, its general theme is that the clans will be able to make agreements and create alliances. The latter will be given an official status and will offer multiple benefits for its members.

- Will the Global map see 30x30 matches?

The 30vs30 mode requires special maps, which we are already in the process of creating. They will be added to the Global map when they are added to the random battle mode.

When will the new maps be added to Global map: Arctic Region, Siegfried Line, Redshire, Fishing Bay.

They will be added along with the new portal release and with the updating of the Global map rules. This will be in a matter of days.

Will you still make several Global maps? I’d suggest trying different gameplay modes on them.

At the moment we’ve stopped this implementation. It will be realized when required.

 Will you ever make events on Global map that are not limited to prime-time?

There will be events on Global map for sure, but we’ve rescheduled the idea for a better time as now we’re working on other options.

- At the moment the updates are being tested on the European Global map. Can you tell us the results of the testing?

The update has been implemented on the North American Global map, providing results on the first day of its running. The number of clans has almost doubled, resulting in 72 clans, whereas previously there were only 46 clans.

Do you plan to reduce the time between the battles at landing because the current 30 minutes makes a battle run till late at night?

Unfortunately, the current time frames are required by technical issues and cannot be decreased right now.

Please tell us about the options for clan commanders.

Commanders entering the battle in the special commander vehicles acquire access to the commander panel, an interface element that significantly simplifies control over the tank company (the division of the company into platoons to set a task to a certain platoon, visual pings of the tasks on the minimap and the battle map, commander camera mode allowing vision over the whole battle map). Another option is the opportunity to use clan consumables: air raids and artillery barrage from the outside of the map.

It would be great to see the enemy clan members statistics: the number of matches played on a specific map, number of top players, top vehicles, etc. We know that there are such fan addons developed by players but will you add the same thing to the game?

Yes, the described option is already in the development plans.

Do you plan to add bonuses gained from the captured provinces, for example special medals or banners?

We will make more bonuses for possessing provinces and they will be more important than banners or medals.

Will there be new battle modes on Global map, such as the ones announced for random battles?

When the new battle modes are tested on the random battle mode, they will also be added to the clan wars.

What about the nomad-clan concept? Have you rejected it?

The concept of the nomad-clans is still under consideration. We cannot tell you the implementation date of it as at the moment we are working on other game options.

I heard you’re going to create a similar Global map for small clans up to tier 8. Is it still added to your plans?

We’ve put off the idea for a while as we’re working on other features at the moment.

Will the vehicle repair time on Global map change with every update or be balanced once and for all?

We hope that we will find the correct balance at the supertest or public test of this function.

Will the players personally be able to add gold to the clan treasury?

The realization of this feature depends on the player’s account security, thus it shall be added when we are absolutely sure about the security of the game accounts.

Dear developers, you promised to change the position of the field commander to the platoon commander. Is it hard to change just the position?

The issue has been delayed due to the workload but will try to implement it in the near future.

Can you add the option of treasury activity logs so that we can see the actions executed with the gold (who sent gold to whom), which will be visible at least to the clan masters (commander, deputy commander and treasurer)?

The addition is already in our development plans.

What will happen after the Global map integration? Will the time zones coincide with the real ones?

At the moment the time zones generally coincide with the real ones (except for London, Reykjavik and Lisbon). For example, prime-time in Moscow and Paris differ in 2 hours which is equal to the real time difference, disregarding the standard time change

This is probably the biggest problem that we’ll face when making a united Global map as the European countries change time by season, while Russia and Belarus have already rejected the change. Nevertheless, we do have several solutions to the problem at the moment.

- Can you tell us about the commander vehicles: ETA, details and so on?

Unfortunately, we cannot give the details of this for now.

Could you tell us about the alliance system details?

Alliances will consist of clans with a similar creating mechanism. Thus, any clan leader, having at least one province on the Global map, can create an alliance, just like any player can create a clan. Other clan leaders can join the alliance, same as players joining a clan. Clans in an alliance automatically fall within the existing alliance agreements. Besides that, they acquire other unique opportunities. In fact, the allied clans can move their forces through the allied territories. We are also planning to create coalition ratings and coalition statistics options.

When will you add the rebellion option in provinces?

The option will be added as soon as it is finished.

What is the general concept of mercenary?

Any non-clan player can become a mercenary.

The volunteers are selected for a certain battle randomly among the employed mercenaries.

The mercenary can participate  in the matches in three cases:

When he/she is employed by one of the clans

When there is a rebellion in a province

When a neutral (not attacked) province is attacked

The mercenary can be employed by a clan officer to participate in a common battle (a battle to determine the province owner, but not a counter attack) when there are more than 15 chips in battle. The number of mercenaries available for partaking comprises the difference between the currently available chips and 15. I.e. in total, the battle for a province can involve not more than 15 players in team (mercenaries included).

Will you add the Antarctic as a Global map region?

It is possible after we add other territories.

Which Global map options are currently being developed?

Now we are currently working on diplomacy and alliance system options.

Will we be able to pass through an allied province without a battle?

Yes, the option will be added to the game. Moreover, clans will be able to give a province to the enemy as a buy-out.

Until what time will we play Beta Clan Wars?

Clan Wars Beta will last till the Global maps integration.

Any additional information about tank blocking, such as the blocking time and the terms of the blocking time available?

The exact blocking time will be decided during testing, but it’s already known that the blocking will be applied to vehicles destroyed in battle and it will differ for tanks depending on the tier and class.

Will you make tier restrictions on Global map as for platoons with 7.0 update?

No, we have never planned tier restrictions on Global map as it violates our Global map development plans. We want to establish the game diversity in multiple ways, other than simple restrictions.

Will the players from all game regions be able to play on single Global map?

Yes, we have the idea in development plans but its implementation requires much work and we cannot give any ETA.

Will we see the Global map of the whole world?

We’re constantly expanding the map and will continue the expansion until Global map represents the whole world. The release date of the global map depends on various aspects, especially on the number of clans playing on it.

- Will we see large maps in Clan Wars, created specifically for Clan Wars and 2-3 times larger than the existing ones?

We are already working on the creation of large-scale maps. ETA is unknown at the moment.

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