Public Test of Update v.7.0 Started

The public test server of v.7.0 update is now available for the players on the server. You are given the unique opportunity to test the new content prior to its release to the main server. To run the test version, please download the specified game client version. The first test of v.7.0 update will finish early November 23rd.

For safety's sake, the game client and updates must be downloaded from the special section on the official website of World of Tanks only. If you download World of Tanks from other sources, your computer may suffer from viruses and spyware. The development team does not bear responsibility for links, game clients and updates located on off-sites.

Attention! Please install the test game client version to a different folder than the current game client version! Also switch off the game client before installing the update. Only players who have registered prior to November 15th can access public test server. 

Download the update v.7.0 test game client here (2.49 GB)

Download the update v.7.0 test game client torrent file here

Please select one of the test servers at the launch of the installed test game client version:

  • W.o.T Common Test I
  • W.o.T Common Test II

We draw your attention to the fact that the test server is subject to EULA and general rules of World of Tanks game server. The restrictions and punishments are the same as on the official game server of World of Tanks. The details of the public test server of v.7.0 update can be found in the special discussion thread. The discussion of failures and bugs of test update 7.0 is carried out in the special sub-forum only.

Please keep in mind the following specificities of the public test server:

  • Payments are not accepted on the public test server.
  • Credit and experience rates for public test server are multiplied 10 times. All players are given 15k gold for testing purposes.
  • Progress won't be transferred to the main NA server.

List of major changes between versions 6.7 and 7.0:



  • Added the multi-cluster system (used in the test but will not be implemented unless required)
  • Added the camouflage system for all tanks. The purchasing and mounting of camouflage are  available in the ‘tank appearance’ menu
  • Added 1 tank horn for testing purposes (depending on feedback, this feature will be either developed or removed completely). The purchasing and mounting of horns is available in the ‘tank appearance’ menu.
  • Added Tier-limits for Tank Companies: Tier 4, Tier 6, Tier 8 and Tier 10. For all these Tiers, SPG Tier limits were added (in the next version the same restrictions will be applied to light tanks)
  • Added the ‘Complaints’ function. When in combat, click with the right mouse button on the nickname of the player in the list and select the type of complaint in the drop-down menu



  • Added 2 new maps: ‘Swamps’ and ‘Fjords’
  • Added new ‘special’ vehicles: Su-85 I and Pz IV Hydraulic (both are available in the shop during the test)
  • Added ‘box’ vehicles: Pz II J, BT-SV and MTLS-14 (all are available in shop during the test)
  • Fix for issues with tank models
  • Fix for the major issues of getting stuck on all maps
  • On some maps animated birds were added
  • Clan emblems added on the tanks
  • Fully reworked the collision models of these tanks:
    • Germany: Pz VI Tiger, Pz 38(t), VK 3601(H), JagdPz IV, VK 3002 (DB), Pz III/IV, Pz 38H735(f), Pz S35 739(f), Pz B2 740(f), Pz 38 NA, E-100.
    • USA: M4 Sherman, T29, T32, T30, T14, M5 Stuart, M7, M2 med, M4A2E4, Ram II.
    • USSR: Т-34, KV, MS-1, А-20, SU-18, IS-3, Т-44, SU-85B, SU-14, Valentine LL, Matilda LL, KV-3, Т-54, IS-7, KV-13, Object 704, А-32.


Gameplay and Mechanics

  • Amount of penalty points for team killing and team damage doubled
  • Changed the mechanics of finding minimal armor thickness while penetrating with HE rounds
  • Added the tracers representation from enemies in the view sight – the narrow sector in the direction of the player’s gun
  • Added the tracers representation from enemies in the SPG mode, if the firing tank is in the view screen
  • Once exiting the battle, your tank will stay on the battlefield till the end of the battle. If it was not destroyed, it will automatically be destroyed at the end
  • Fixed the rare issue of scouting the whole enemy team while they are out of line of sight
  • Fixed the rare issue with the horizontal violent movement of the gun sight
  • Fixed the rare bug with the low turning velocity of the Pz IV
  • Fixed the rare issue of the gun sight jamming while it’s moved in sniper mode near a building
  • Fixed the issue with ‘Invader’ achievement
  • For all German 8.8 cm L/71 guns, the new ammo type with 240 damage was added
  • The characteristics of 7.5cm conic gun for VK 3601(H) were slightly reduced
  • 7.5cm conic gun is added to the Pz VI Tiger for both turrets
  • T44: added the new LB-1 gun for second turret, added new V-54-6 engine with 680 h/p
  • Changed the models and parameters for both of the turrets of the IS-3 tank
  • The normalization of AP and APCR rounds was slightly downgraded
  • Changed the view parameters and ammo rack durability of the Tier 7-9 Medium Tanks
  • Changed the settings on all automatic cannons
  • The price of Tier 2-3 vehicles was slightly reduced



  • Improvements of the mini-map: scale change, transparency change, turning on/off, markers for commands: ‘Help’, ‘Follow me!’, ‘Attack’
  • Added tips for interface elements of garage. They can be activated pressing ‘F1’ button in the garage
  • Improved vehicle markers: range sorting added
  • Added more settings for markers above the vehicles
  • Added the possibility to switch to analogue marker colors for vehicles (color-blind modification)
  • Reworked the players list in the battle loading window
  • Added the battle tasks description at the battle loading window
  • Added the new mode of representing player lists; Buttons for switching between modes were added as well
  • While selling a tank you can now quickly remove crew and equipment from it
  • Added clan information in the player’s statistics window
  • Changed the design of the tank ‘post-mortem’ tip
  • In the battle interface, additional equipment (camo net and binocular telescope) will now be shown.
  • Added the automatic removal of consumables that cannot be mounted with current tank set up
  • Added a notification sound for when the gun reticle is at its smallest
  • Changed the sound of hitting and damaging a tank module
  • Changed the sound of collision between a static object and tank with velocity higher than 10 km per hour
  • Added the sound of base capture notification
  • Added the spam filter for equal symbols, smiles and messages spamming in in-game chats
  • Added the option of mapping the controls on additional mouse buttons
  • Added the notification of an attempt to sell a tank, which cannot be purchased in the shop (PzKpfw V-IV, for example)
  • Added the notification of a successful screenshot
  • Added the notification of reaching the daily tank selling limit
  • Added notification of the attempt to resupply gold ammunition and consumables with gold or without it
  • Removed the control setting ‘Camera position’
  • The Caps Lock indicator is now enabled on the login screen
  • In the personal files of the tank crew all the achievements other than ‘Battle Heroes’ and Epic Achievements were removed
  • Fixed the representation of additional XP earned for the first battle during specials
  • Fixed and reworked the names of some American vehicles
  • Fixed and reworked the text of some interface tips and dialogue screens
  • Added the representation of awards received by World of Tanks on the login screen



  • Improved game performance on some PC configurations
  • Reworked the system of special effects; new effects for shots, hits and explosions
  • Added more settings for special effects
  • Improved game settings behavior when using Logitech keyboards and Alienware notebooks.
  • Fixed some troubles with running the game on multiscreen PC configurations
  • Completely reworked the mechanics of improved dynamic shadows
  • Added the new Antialising type – FXAA
  • Improved the quality of in-game voice chat
  • Added the ‘vignette’ effect

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