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Pro Player Tips: Tank Destroyers

Tank destroyers (TDs) take the spotlight as our vehicle class of the week, with bonuses and discounts until February 26. Learn to hang back in the more supportive role as a tank destroyer, and be sure to take into account our WGLNA pro players tips below!

Tank Destroyers

Tank destroyers are an interesting class to play. The limited arc that most of them have on their guns makes it difficult to really dictate how a flank will play out in a match, but with a couple tricks, you can be more effective for your team. A TD must be played in a support role as they cannot reliably solo a flank.

If at all possible, use your allied medium and light tanks in much the same way artillery does. Look for those softening shots that will enable your team to break through. TDs tend to have better camo values than a heavy tank, and better frontal armor -- this means you can more easily use a building, dead tank, or bushes to damage enemies while staying safe. Don’t be afraid to push up if you aren’t dealing damage. Your gun should have high alpha or damage per minute (DPM) and you can greatly change the result of a push by being in the fight.

_phlak from Simple Tankers

The best tank destroyer line for a new player would be the Soviet Obj. 268s. You get a nice set of vehicles with high alpha, great penetration, good camo and decent mobility, with only long aim time and some accuracy issues being the downsides. The standout vehicles would be either the ISU-152 or the Obj. 704 because of their 152mm BL-10 gun, which gives you 750 damage per shot starting at tier VIII. 

This line is more of what someone would expect a tank destroyer to be, and is the best first choice for new players.

Vyraall, Captain of Googlybobbers

Helpful Hints

by ToFuSmurF from High Woltage Caballers
  • Make your shots count. This seems like a given, but it's an amplified concept in a TD. Generally reloads are long, especially as you advance up the tiers, so make your shots count!
  • Use camo and distance to your advantage. You don't want to be spotted after you fire. Use good manipulation of camo or use teammates to spot for you.
  • Know when being passive is working against your team. Being a TD does not limit you to camping. Intimidation is an asset you have, so use it. Being too passive can allow your flanks and allies to fall, and you can't succeed without teammates.
  • Know your limits. Just because you can do a lot of damage, doesn't mean you should sacrifice health to do so. Never trade your health if you don't have to.

Tanks Destroyers: More Fun More Often

by S.I.M.P.'s Lapse

I was very skeptical at first. Having a fixed turret made me feel like a horse pulling tourists around a European capital. But, tank destroyers are fun because you can penetrate more tanks more often.

By nation:

If you want to get in there and smash in some faces, I suggest the Soviet lines -- Peek-a-BOOM!
If you want to spend less time aiming, I suggest the German line -- Pinpoint pushing
If you want to spend more time running (mostly in reverse), try the French
Finally, if you are in a slow mood, try the British -- Very relaxing