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Pro Player Tips: Medium Tanks

We're zeroing in on how to play medium tanks this week, with bonuses and discounts until February 19. There are so many ways to play this versatile tank class that we put together some helpful hints from our WGLNA pro players. Take a look below for some expert advice on medium tanks! 

Medium Tanks

[Medium tanks have] two main strengths: speed and damage per minute (DPM). Because your speed is second only to light tanks, you can get into advanced positions that can give better cover, firing angles, or map control. The high DPM of mediums make them excellent flankers, because once on a tank's side, you can tear down their HP very quickly.

Using your speed to gain position and damage is necessary because of the lack of armor on many medium tanks. At tier X, you can barely rely on armor when facing lower-tier tanks.

Morphic from Aquatic M60s

Helpful Hints

from High Woltage Caballers' Oxmathus

On Crew Skills

For all my tier X medium tanks, with no exceptions, I will always train Repairs as my first skill. When that is completed, I will retrain my Commander in Sixth Sense, then I will re-do Repairs on the Commander and start Camouflage on the rest. When that second skill is done, I will retrain all of the Crew to have Brothers in Arms first, then Sixth Sense back on the Commander with Repairs + Camouflage training again. After this, you can train whatever random skills you want, I would highly suggest Jack of All Trades and Smooth Ride.

On Equipment

Equipment for medium tanks is essentially the same for all of them except for autoloaders/non-autoloaders. For all single-fire medium tanks, you should have the Gun Rammer for reload speed to ensure you keep enemies tracked, Optics to make sure you light enemies for both you and your team, and the Vertical Stabilizer because you will be doing a lot of turret moving and firing on the move. For autoloaders, the only difference is that they can't use a Gun Rammer, so use Improved Ventilation instead.

On Consumables

In this game I believe that consumables, with the exception of player experience, are what give a huge advantage. For just about all my tier Xs, I use a Large Repair Kit, Food (Strong Coffee, Case of Cola, Extra Combat Rations, etc.) and an Automatic Fire Extinguisher. Not only does this mean I have no Credits, it also means I will always win my one-on-ones with someone in the same tank because I will always have 10% better reload among many other benefits. However, using the usual Small Repair/First Aid Kits is no problem at all.

Favorite Medium Tanks

The T20 medium tank is easily one of my favorite tanks in World of Tanks. I feel like it has some of the most balanced attributes. So many tanks are fast and have a nice gun with good DPM, but poor armor. Others [have] armor and a big gun, but are slow. For me a T20 has the speed to flex around a map as needed and a gun that can really punish in its tier and penetration on its apcr round to punch above its tier.

I play this tank like I would any medium. I try to get up early in the match and get a couple shots into the enemy before they can set up. Then I work on lighting and finding openings in the enemy setup to exploit with quick shots from relative safety. When I feel confident about a flank, I try to push in and continue to pressure the enemy. The attributes of this tank really do support this style of play. The alpha for a tank in this tier is very good and it really allows you to punish bad pokes from the enemy tanks. The depression means you can really abuse hills and berms to get cheeky shots.

phlak_ from Simple Tankers

My favorite medium tank is the Batchat 25t. The Bat has speed, and an autoloader than can shred tanks in and below its tier. [Its] main role is an assassin. Get in, dump your clip while taking minimal damage, get out, reload, rinse and repeat. This type of gameplay is thrilling and highly rewarding, but it requires patience and a certain level of game sense. Blindly rushing in just to die without getting a full clip off is useless. You hurt your team because a lot of potential dies with you. Knowing when to do in, which tank to focus on, and knowing how to get out is important when playing a Bat and is the key to a successful game. Lastly, because you are an autoloader, it is important to know when to shoot, and how many shells. All because you have five shells in the container when engaging the enemy doesn’t mean you have to fire all five at once. Shooting two or three then retreating is a smart tactic and it can keep you alive much longer.

Morphic from Aquatic M60s

My personal favorite medium tank at the moment for public matches is the E-50M. [...] I enjoy ramming people for hundreds and sometimes a thousand or so damage.

Oxmathus from High Woltage Caballers


Oxmathus in E-50MMorphic in BatChat 25t