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Pro Player Guides: Light Tanks & Artillery

This week we're buckling down on light tanks and artillery with bonuses until February 12. So, if you're in need of some expert advice on how to play these vehicle classes, just take a look below at what a couple of our WGLNA pro players have to say on the subject.

Light Tanks | Artillery

Light Tanks

The best light tank line in the game right now would have to be the Russian line, with the LTTB being my favorite. The LTTB excels in an active scouting role and it can do a lot of damage if you can get around to the side or rear of your enemy. It can be a bit frustrating at first with its -3 gun depression, but once you learn how to play it, it really becomes a fantastic tank.

The LTTB has exceptional mobility, with a 68 km/h top speed and a 30 hp/t power-to-weight ratio, allowing it to quickly get up to the front lines on any map and immediately start gathering intel as to what the enemy is doing. It also allows the LTTB to quickly flex around the map and flank your opposition. You have 170mm AP rounds that are good enough for going through the sides of most tanks, and 216mm APCR rounds that can allow you to take some heavier tanks head-on. The LTTB really is a fantastic tank once you learn how to play it and I would highly suggest that you give it a try at some point."

Vyraall from Googlybobbers

Helpful Hints


  • Keep yourself alive! A light tank can be a really powerful tool when it comes down to the end of a close match, given how much vision they can provide.
  • Try to keep tanks spotted for your artillery so they can have an easier time hitting their targets.
  • Don't hesitate to get into the fight; do some damage and help your team win.
  • We may make it look easy, but light tanks are a hard class to play properly. Don't rely on them as one of your first tank types when learning the game.

ToFuSmurF from High Woltage Caballers

  • As a light tank, you can be both passive and active. This applies to both scouting AND fighting. Most light tanks are beasts when fighting at their tier, and otherwise very capable when above their tier.
  • ...But don't pigeonhole yourself. The key to being a good light tank player is knowing when is a good time to scout (either passively in a bush or actively doing loops), and when is a good time to be a menace/annoyance/pest. Don't make the mistake of most pub players and assume you're only good for scouting and destroying artillery.
  • You have mobility, use it. Don't go picking fights that you have no business picking; instead, put yourself in better positions. And know your worth -- a lot of clutch endgame situations require players able to spot enemies and not get spotted themselves. You AREN'T just worth what you can scout in the first three minutes of a game; you're worth every bit as much as any other tank type in the endgame.


The key to a good arty player isn't just based on who has the better RNG or who can do more damage. The most important skill an arty player could have [is] to do the RIGHT damage. Shooting low-tier tanks on flanks [is] a waste of a shot. Putting damage in 50/50 fights, destroying important targets, or doing damage to high-armored tanks are the right kinds of damage. Good arty players distinguish themselves beyond accuracy and damage, [to] doing crucial damage.

Do not be satisfied with just a damage total; ask yourself whether that damage sways the battle, or if it was just purely redundant/wasted damage."



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