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Pro Player Tips: Heavy Tanks

Heavy tanks are in the spotlight this week with bonuses and discounts until March 4.  They're not the easiest class to master, but once you have, they're a thrill to play! Take it from the WGLNA pro players in their tips below!

Heavy Tanks

Vyraall from Googlybobbers

Heavy tanks are probably the best class overall right now for a new player to start with. Every tank line has their own stand-out tanks at different tiers meaning that no matter what tank line you go down, there will always be one tank to keep. This is a list of tanks that when used properly are all fantastic and I would suggest playing them if you get the chance.

Helpful Hints

by Commander_Jay from rivaL - Simple Tankers
  • Know your heavy tank! Their guns and armor can be very different: some need to be angled, others should stick to hills, and a few are glass cannons.
  • Plan ahead! Heavy tanks can have poor speed, maneuverability, and camo. Don’t get caught alone, or a kilometer away from the action.
  • Work together! Your teammates can use your superior armor and hit points. Be a good communicator and a heavy tank can be a good power multiplier for tanks around it.
  • Bounce enemy shots! A great way to help is to angle your tank, so enemy shots are likely to bounce off you. It will save you and your team from being damaged.
  • Ask other players about your tank! Some heavy tanks are amazingly powerfu when you use them a certain way. Ask people who’ve used the tank you’re working on, myself included!

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Favorite Heavy Tanks

My favorite heavy tank is the IS-3. At its tier, the 390 alpha damage is decimating to lower-tier tanks and very impactful on tanks of the same tier. At tier VIII, the IS-3 can help you trade shots effectively against other tier VIIIs, all while staying safe behind your armor. That kind of damage with high APCR penetration allows the IS-3 to make an impact against even tier X tanks. The IS-3 is known for its pike-shaped hull, but I believe its greatest strength is actually its tracks. You can use them to reverse side scrape, absorbing an enormous amount of damage while dishing it out, too. This complements the IS-3s moderate speed, where it can get into good positions quickly to bully tanks with its superb turret armor.

Due to its alpha damage, high penetration and reverse side scraping potential, the IS-3 is a tank that you will enjoy for hundreds of battles.

Morphic from Aquatic M60s

When I was new to Clan Wars, the E-100 was described to me as a "Gigantic German Battleship." From that moment on, it has been my favorite tank in the game. Despite appearing to be a slow lumbering beast, it's actually quite speedy and maneuverable considering what a monster it is. The feeling of being the biggest, baddest war machine on the map is glorious. Puny shells bounce harmlessly off its thick rolled steel armor, the 15cm L/38 cannon shakes the earth when it fires, its massive treads crush smaller tanks and it stakes its claim over an area of the map like nothing else can.

It's not the easiest vehicle to command, but when done right, it can take on multiple tanks with ease all by itself. A Platoon of E-100s cooperating together is a very mighty force that can be nearly unstoppable.

SovereignZuul, Supreme General of the Googlybobbers

My personal favorite would have to be the China's 113. With the improvements it received in Update 9.13, it has become one of the best heavy tanks at tier X. It has fantastic mobility, decent armor and great damage with its 122mm gun. The two main problems is that it has higher than average internal module damage and some accuracy issues at long-range. It's basically a heavy medium tank with the slogan "drive me closer so I can hit them with my sword."  Just for clarification, I don't mean to actually hit them with your sword but if you keep your engagements to 150 meters or closer, then you should have no problem doing damage with every shot.

Vyraal from Googlybobbers

I love a lot of heavy tanks, but my favorite heavy tank has to be the T29. I researched it back in 2011, and it was so much more powerful than all the tanks that led to it. It was eye-opening. The 279mm of front turret armor lets it block a huge amount of damage, while punishing anyone who tries to fight. A hull-down T29 is just amazing!

Commander_Jay from rivaL - Simple Tankers