Presents on V-E Day!

May 8 is Victory in Europe Day, one of the most important memorable dates related to World War II, celebrated throughout the world. This day is remarkable for all people as it brings us back to World War II actions and commemorates the heroic deeds of all the people who struggled against the Nazi regime.

World of Tanks is about WW II tanks, so this makes this date a highly respected and significant one for all members of World of Tanks.

Thus, World of Tanks has prepared terrific gifts for its players on those days!

May 7th-10th (between the two maintenance downtimes scheduled for these days), World of Tanks Warriors will have the opportunity to buy additional equipment for their vehicles at a 50% discount. In addition, the experience for the first victory of the day will be multiplied by 5 times instead of being doubled as is the normal case!

On top of all this, on May 7th-10th each player will have the opportunity to buy 3 days of Premium account  for 250 in-game gold. Don't miss the chance to enhance your progression and pump your vehicles up!

By the way, you have a great chance to get the enormous heap of gold! Make your Clan Parade video or participate in the Elbe Day contest!

Stay tuned and get prepared for World of Tanks surprises!

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