Introducing the Premium Vehicle Recovery Service


This feature has been depreciated. Details

Did you really just sell that amazing Premium vehicle? Don't panic! Now, you can get your vehicle back into the action, and fast.

Using our Premium vehicle recovery service, you can restore your lost Premium vehicles straight to your Garage. You can even get your unique gift tanks back! This new process eliminates the need to submit a ticket to support and means that you'll be back in fighting shape quicker than ever.

Along with this service, we're introducing a new policy on the restoration of Premium vehicles. You'll have 72 hours to restore any accidentally-sold Premium vehicle. This process can be completed for an unlimited number of vehicles, provided timely use of the tool. You can also restore any number of unique, gift vehicles one time every 180 days per vehicle.

The Premium vehicle recovery system is currently in beta; we'll be looking for your feedback as we roll it out. Our hope is that this new service will empower you to recover quickly from an accidental Premium vehicle sale. For a more detailed treatment of this new feature, take a look at this article.

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