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Premium Shells will be available for purchase with credits

Tank Commanders,

With the introduction of Update 8.1, we are  planning to add the possibility of buying premium shells not only with gold but also with credits (in testing mode). By doing so we intend to give all the tankers an equal chance in the battle, so that the outcome of the game will depend more on players’ skills and experience. Thus, if necessary, any player can top up his ammo not only with standard shells, but also premium shells, which were previously unavailable for credits.

The price of premium shells in credits will be the same as the price in gold using the standard gold into credits conversion rate: 1 gold = 400 credits.

The possibility of purchasing premium shells with credits is a very significant change which requires certain checks and collection of a large amount of combat statistics. The testing period for this innovation will last from the release of Update 8.1 to the release of Update 8.2. After we have gathered the results and conducted research, we will decide on whether to leave this feature in the game on a regular basis or not, which will be reported separately.

Please remember that the possibility to purchase premium shells with credits is planned to be introduced to the game with the release of Update 8.1, but you can check it out in the public test now.

Update notes of 8.1 can be found here.