Upgrade to a WoT Premium Account at a Discount


A World of Tanks Premium Account offers great advantages and lets you get even more enjoyment out of the game. Whether you are struggling to progress through a Tech Tree line, would like to exclude an additional battlefield from Random Battles, or are always short on credits–a Premium Account is the answer!

Head to the Shop right now to unlock your benefits and save up to 15%! 30- and 90-day bundles are discounted when paying with specific transaction methods, such as bank cards. Select a discounted bundle in the Premium Shop to see the available payment options.

Premium Account Benefits

50% more Crew XP per battlePremium Missions

Fulfill a series of three simple daily missions.


More Combat XP per battle+1 Slot for Excluded Maps

Exclude two maps instead of one.

Transfer crews between vehicles of the same type and nation without penalty or retrainingBonuses

Enjoy a 50% bonus to Combat XP, Crew XP, and credits.

Convert Combat XP earned into Free XP with Elite statusApplicable Modifier for XP

Apply an additional ×3 multiplier to XP earned in a victorious Random Battle 5 times a day.

Accelerated crew trainingCredit Reserve

Earn an extra 10% bonus to XP. Enjoy up to 750,000 accumulated credits every 7 days.

More credits per battlePlatoon Bonus

Receive a 15% credit bonus in a Platoon. Even non-members will receive a 10% bonus.

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