Playspan Marketplace Security Breach

Playspan breach


We were informed by our partners that Playspan Marketplace suffered a security breach. Only a part of the usernames and encrypted passwords were stolen from the database. Our partners informed us that the Playspan Marketplace is a separate service from the VISA Playspan payment service that is available on our World of Tanks website. If you were a registered Playspan Marketplace user, it is possible your information has been compromised, although your financial information has not been compromised.

The Wargaming payment service has not been compromised in any way.

If your Playspan Marketplace account email is different from your World of Tanks email, then you do not need to change your game account information, as our internal game data was not compromised.

If you are a registered PlaySpan Marketplace user, Playspan Marketplace recommends you change your marketplace account password.

If you are a registered PlaySpan Marketplace user, and you used the same email and password for your World of Tanks account, we suggest you change your World of Tanks password.

If you need to change your password in World of Tanks, you can go to this link.

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