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Player Gathering: Virginia Beach

We want to hang out at the Virginia Beach Military Aviation Museum with you!

We invite everyone interested in walking around the museum with us to come, but you should know that we'll only be able to foot the bill for a select few.

Lucky players will have their museum admission covered by Wargaming.  Winners will be randomly selected from the entrants.  Leave a comment that clearly states you're interested in and will be able to attend the player gathering.


Thursday September 13th
13:00 --Meet up (details will be provided once winners are announced) for the Museum Tour

Everyone still planning to show up regardless of the winner's list is welcome to pal around with the Wargaming team!  However, you'll have to pay your own way.


Military Aviation Museum

1341 Princess Anne Road,
Virginia Beach, VA 23457 • (757) 721 – 7767
Hours of Operation: Mon. – Sun. 9am to 5pm

We'll provide more details to all the winners after they've been selected.

You have from today until the evening of Wednesday the 12th to let us know you're keen on joining us.  We'll then close the thread and post the winners shortly thereafter!

Remember to let us know if your situation changes.  We'll fill your spot with the next in line!  Good luck!