Player Gathering: New York, NY [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] We've announced the list of randomly selected winners in the forum post.  Check to see if you  made it!  Everyone else who plans on attending is welcome to join us, but will have to pay for their own food and drinks. Also, all seven members of WCG team are welcome to join us! These teams are: War & Peace, Team Curse, Banned Angels, and Buischti.

Tankers!  Comic and cosplay aficionados! New Yorkers!

We'll be in the city for Comic Con, and we want to take the opportunity to meet up with our New York players!  If you're interested in an evening of good old fashioned conversation with some of the WGA crew, sharing some food and drinks, and playing some mostly functional arcade games, then let us know in your forum post.

We'll be at Dave and Buster's in Time Square on Friday October 12th from 8-10pm.

You have from now until Wednesday afternoon to make it known that you'd like to join us.  We'll be randomly selecting the winners and anyone who makes the list will have a few drinks and some food on us.  Everyone else?  You're welcome to come hang out, but you have to foot your own bill!  We'll post the winners on Wednesday evening.

You must be 21+ in order to attend this event.

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