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New Feature: Player Comparisons


World of Tanks continues to get new content within the game itself, but we always have new things to share outside of it, too! In fact, we're introducing a new way to keep track of player statistics with our new Compare Players feature here on the portal. With it, you can compare stats between yourself and your friends, between the player who impressed you in that last epic battle, or maybe you want a quick glance at the skills of your Clanmates -- whatever the purpose, the comparison tool can prove invaluable.

It's easy enough to use this tool: just search for players as usual -- via the Players page under the Community tab -- view their full profile page, and click the checkbox on the sidebar to add them to the comparison list. When you've queued up all the players you want, just click the big "Compare" button to be taken to the results page (shown above).

You can add up to 10 players to compare at one time, and the resulting comparison page will highlight the player with the highest stat among all of them. The comparison page lists over 30 different parameters, from battle counts, win/loss ratios, vehicle types, and so on. 

Give it a try and let us know what you think!