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More Info on Soccer Battles


As previously announced, alongside Update 9.1, we'll be introducing a new mode dedicated to the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil: Soccer Battles. All you'll need to do to get started is select your Т-62А Sport* and hit the “Battle!” button. You’ll be prompted to the soccer pitch arranged right on the Central Square of Himmelsdorf.

And, as promised, we have more details on this mode and what you can expect.

Just like with the real sport, the soccer mode has strict rules and other details that you should familiarize yourself with:

  • The purpose is pretty straightforward: score goals by playing against the enemy team. This may be done by either moving the soccer ball with your hull or directing it by shooting it. Goals are scored once the ball crosses the line; autogoals are also accounted for. After a score, the soccer ball is moved to the middle of the field for play. 
  • The match is performed in a 3v3 lineup. The teams may be arranged both from random players or Platoons (no less than three (3) members in a platoon). Moreover, in this mode, Platoons may encounter only other enemy Platoons. 
  • Every T-62A Sport is given 1,000 free high-explosive (HE) ammunition.
  • Game duration: 7 minutes or whichever team scores 3 goals first (whichever occurs first). 
  • The Т-62А SPORT tank is invincible. You cannot destroy it, or incapacitate the sole crew member. Nevertheless, you can still interrupt their actions, namely tracks can be damaged by ramming or shooting them, thus temporarily immobilizing your opponents. Savvy tactics along with these interruptions can go a long way in allowing you to outplay the opponent.

The Т-62А SPORT will be credited to all players upon the release of the Soccer mode. It is designed exclusively for World of Tanks Soccer mode. It may not be sold, and will be removed automatically once this special event ends. 

The first set of victories will feature the commemorative medal "Football Player 2014:"

Playing soccer is not only fun, but also quite profitable -- participating in related missions will bring various awards:

  • An Enhanced Gun Laying Drive is rewarded after 50 victories (singular, lifetime reward for the mode) + 500 XP for participation in battle.
  • Gain an additional 500 XP for a victory.

Full info on these missions soon!

Important Note: All experience gained on the Т-62А SPORT will be transferred to the Soviet MS-1 once this mode ends. It does not matter if you currently own the MS-1 tank or not.