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Introducing Personal Missions


We've taken some time to craft a new feature in World of Tanks, but now we're ready to lift the lid. Personal Missions are here starting January 15, and they offer a new fun way to extend your tank career!

Getting Started


Just one of the vehicles you can earn by completing Personal Missions!

Personal Missions can be found alongside regular Missions in the upper left corner of your Garage screen. After being welcomed to the new section, you can begin selecting Personal Missions.

Your first look at the Personal Missions lineup may seem intimidating, but Personal Missions are all about taking things one at a time, so don't fret. All you need to start is to pick a mission, review the conditions, accept it, then head out to the battlefield! Missions are considered completed if their major condition(s) are met, but can be completed "with honors" and earn you an extra reward if all the secondary conditions are filled, as well.

Keep track of the conditions as you play, and when you're ready, you can mark (report) the mission as completed and reap the rewards. You can also repeat missions that you reported but didn't get with honors.

An important thing to know about Personal Missions is that you have the freedom to move between missions even if they're incomplete. If you want, take a break and try something else -- unlike regular Missions, they don't expire.

Personal Missions Glossary

The setup of Personal Missions has some new terms attached which represent the drilldown from starting a mission to earning rewards. Here's the new vocabulary -- and no, there won't be a quiz later:

A campaign is what holds a set of Personal Missions, shows you the main reward you're working toward, and is updated on a regular basis. In other words, when there's a new campaign, you get new Personal Missions to play! New campaigns don't replace previous ones and don't need to be finished to unlock another. So you're free to keep working on campaign 1, for instance, and move on to another campaign when you're ready. Or you can work on the progress of multiple campaigns at once!

A set is a sequence of Personal Missions that offers an added reward if it's completed in order. For example, all the missions in a campaign that feature heavy tanks could be collected in a heavy tank-themed set.

Think of an operation as a group of sets -- a specially-organized set of sets that earn you another reward once it's all completed. Based on the heavy tank example above, you could have a operation consisting of sets for each vehicle class. Obviously, this will take more time than just finishing one set, but can help you set goals as you work to complete the entire campaign.

Campaign 1 Reward: Female Crew

If you complete the sets in our first campaign of Personal Missions, you get access to a World of Tanks first: female Crew members!

Specifically, finishing the last mission in each set will give you one female Crew member. Therefore, completing the entire campaign can net you 20 Crew members.

Female Crew members are available to all vehicle nations and types (you're allowed to choose which), and every one that joins your ranks carries the following:

      • A bunk in the Barracks
      • 100% training
      • Enough XP to take her first Perk to 100%
      • Automatic assignment of the "Sisterhood of Steel" Perk

"Sisterhood of Steel" has an identical effect as the "Brothers in Arms" Perk for male Crew: It further improves the qualifications and skills of the entire Crew. However, as it's automatically assigned, it won't be obviously displayed in the Perk list. This also means it requires no extra XP, is continuously active, and therefore can't be reset, either. Lastly, it can only be effective if the entire Crew is female (same with Brothers in Arms and male Crews) -- so the benefits of completing sets and assigning more female Crew ought to be clear!

Personal Missions Community Contest: Race to the StuG IV

The race begins January 15 and ends February 15, 12:00 PST!

The first five players who unlock the StuG IV via Personal Missions and provide proof in our designated forum thread will get to chose from available Premium tanks (choices provided upon completion), along with 6 months of Premium account time!

10 additional winners will be chosen from those who complete this task within the one-month time period, and have also posted proof in the contest thread. Entries will be verified on our end to ensure proper completion of the Personal Mission.

Make it Personal

Personal Missions mark a big step toward improving one's time playing World of Tanks. Like all new features, we'll continue to keep track of your feedback and make any necessary adjustments as time goes on. Roll Out!

Update Now!

Personal Missions are available in the latest revision of Update 9.5. Launch World of Tanks now to begin updating!
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