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Community Reviews of the Patriot

We can't stop talking about the new T26E5 Patriot, and neither can the players! Check out what these community players have to say about this American monster.

Another Solid Premium

From JunkersHiryu

Good: A sturdy Pershing with great normal and Gold rounds, and good turret armor for its tier. Plus, it's a great alternative to the T34 because of its supreme DPM and gun handling.

Bad: The armor isn't going to win any awards: it's a tad bit slow and its mobility is a little lackluster.

The Patriotic

From Trobsmonkey

Did you see the paint job? It's so freedom inspiring, every time I drive the tank, a bald eagle screams outside my window and fireworks shoot off behind my house. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!


  • Amazing mobility  - high top speed allows the tank to get to where it needs to be and adjust when the situation changes. 
  • Firepower keeps you in the fight. The two forms of APCR rounds are incredibly fast and high penetrating. DPM is also reliable thanks to wickedly fast reload that keeps enemies at bay. 
  • The turret is very well protected in the front and a challenge for almost any enemy. An excellent hull-down tank.


  • Hull armor is very weak. The front plate isn’t overly strong and the bottom plate is almost paper. Plus it's massive and easy to hit. 
  • Typical American ammo racks: placed to the rear of the turret and easy to break. Beware exposing the turret sides.


  • Weak cheeks: Much like the M103, the cheeks of the turret (away from the gun mantlet) are very weak. A smart enemy can ignore the strong front armor and take advantage of those chubby cheeks.