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Parody Song Contest Winners

Winners will automatically recieve Gold in their accounts within the next 72 hours.


The songs have been listened to and the lyrics have been judged. It's time to reveal the winners! We had nearly 500 entries in this amazing contest that really showcased the creativity of our community which is second to none. So without further delay, let's congratulate the winners of our World of Tanks Parody Song Contest!

Winning Entries Here Video Finalists Here Written Finalists Here

Video Contest Winners

  • 1st Place: "16 Shells" By: agonise
  • 2nd Place: "What makes you Horrible" By: DarkxFire
  • 3rd Place: "Tank Spot(T-50)" By: AtlasZero
  • 4th Place: "Good Riddance" By: Herr_Direktor
  • 5th Place: (Tied)"Drive of the Tiger" By: Vbluguitar and Hakumenhuku
  • 5th Place: (Tied)"Tanking Batchat Style" By: Scorpion_Strike

Written Parody Song Winners

  • 1st Place: "Tanker's Paradise" By: CptSkyhawk
  • 2nd Place: "When I was in Your Clan" By: SNSD
  • 3rd Place: "Gift Shop" By: Gumberto 
  • 4th Place: "Shoot It Maybe" By: impsamurai
  • 5th Place: “Pz 1 C” By: Charleader and Parisguy1212