Paralyzed Veterans of America Charity Reminder

Military Month Charity Drive

UPDATE: Only one day remains in the charity drive!


This is a reminder that we're continuing our Military Month Charity Drive.  Today we start the collection for the Paralyzed Veterans of America.  We'll be raising funds from May 24th through the 30th for this particular charity.  This program was created after WWII by a band of service members who returned from the war with spinal injuries.  This program assists in securing benefits for veterans; it also provides a support network and access to rehabilitation couselors that help injured veterans return to work and to live more independently.  Additionally, it raises awareness for, and invests in, the development of new treatments and cures for spinal cord injury/dysfunction.  Today is your opportunity to show your appreciation and support for these individuals and the incredible sacrifices they've made.

Each week in May, one of the veteran organizations in our charity drive will receive ten percent of the proceeds from the $14.95 and $49.95 gold packages purchased from the North American cluster on the Get Gold page and in the Gift Shop. In addition, 75 percent of the proceeds of the $7.99 T14 tank Gift Shop package (T14 + garage slot + 1000 gold) purchased throughout the month of May will be divided between the four organizations.

This is a charity drive and it’s simple to get involved. The more you buy, the more we donate.

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Why are we doing this?

We are committed to carrying out our charter to preserve military history and ensure that the men and women who risk their lives for their country are appreciated and cared for. May 2012 marks the 14th NMAM, a month designated by Congress to educate on both the history and recognition of our armed services with an in-depth look at the diversity of its individuals and achievements.  It allows Americans to educate each generation on the historical impact of our military through the participation of the community with those who serve encouraging patriotism and love for America.

We have also created a special Military Month page that you can share with your friends to learn more about the events for the month. Keep an eye on the news and forum for more details on special giveaways we'll hold throughout May.

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