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Players' Guide to the Panther mit 8,8 cm

The Panther mit 8,8 cm is a German Jäger, a precise hunter -- learn to stalk your prey!

Basics | Play Style | Loadout

Panther mit 8,8 cm: The Basics

  • World of Tanks' most powerful Panther variant!
  • Very accurate gun with good penetration and rate of fire
  • A classic precision sniper tank
  • Good Credit earner and Crew trainer

Play Style

  • Play as a mobile tank destroyer -- stay back and snipe from well behind the front line!
  • Keep your gun in play, and watch out for thin armor on your sides
  • You're not fast, so fall back early if necessary

If an enemy gets close, angle your tank for protection and to allow for maximum gun depression

Loadout: What Equipment, Consumables, and Crew Skills Should You Use?

Target the weak spots of higher-tier heavy tanks, or immobilize them so your teammates can finish the job!

These are only suggestions! Feel free to see what works best for you.
Large Repair and First Aid Kits actually reduce the chance of damage or Crew injury and while you can use Chocolate instead of the Fire Extinguisher to improve your overall performance in battle, this presents a large fire risk. Keep in mind that consumables need to be replenished after each battle if used, while food or gas items are used automatically. 

Alternatively a Binocular Telescope to maximize the tank's vision potential at range, but you'll need to stay still.

Crew Skills and Perks

Crew Skills for this tank should emphasize view range and stealth -- Sixth Sense is a 'must have' to indicate when you've been spotted and that you should relocate quickly! Other great Skills include Situational AwarenessRecon, Smooth Ride and Snap Shotwhile Brothers in Arms will increase all your Crew Skills.

You may need Premium ammo and HE shells to penetrate or track higher-tier enemy tanks or to reset a base capture. Load up and get hunting!

Panther mit 8,8 cm Video Guide