August Preview

August is packed! We've got Update 1.1, Gamescom (hint: pay close attention on Aug. 20), Polish tanks, and more — all kicked off by our 20th Anniversary celebration! Here's a quick look at some of what's in store; make sure and check our Events Calendar for updates.

* All events are subject to change without notice. 

  • The Battle of Kursk Missions (ongoing)
  • Booster Sale Madness!
  • Wargaming's 20th Anniversary
  • Special Polish 50TP Prototyp Pre-sale!
  • Special Tank Sales
  • Tier VII/VIII of the Week
  • Special Weekend Events
  • On Track
  • Tank Mastery Missions
The Battle of Kursk Missions (ongoing)

Ends Aug. 24: For the 75th anniversary of what's arguably the biggest tank battle in the history of armored warfare, our 50 Kursk battle missions award daily goodies.

Players who complete 30 missions will receive a new T-34 shielded tank; successfully fulfill all mission objectives and get an additional prize: an exclusive Kursk-dedicated style for vehicles in your Garage! Remember, you can purchase the T-34 shielded, Churchill III, and special reward camouflage in during our exclusive Kursk Battle Bundle sale until Aug. 24!  

Booster Sale Madness!

Starts Aug. 1: Need a boost in battle? We've got 20 different Personal Reserve packages that include XP, Free XP, Credits, Crew XP, and Premium Account time!

Wargaming's 20th Anniversary

Aug. 3-6: Gold and Credit discounts on Consumables and Equipment, special XP conversion rate, exclusive missions, and much more! 

Special Polish 50TP Prototyp Pre-sale!

Aug. 6-10: Have a Premium Account? If you do, you can get early access to purchase the 50TP Prototyp, the first Polish Tier VIII Premium tank in the game!

Special Tank Sales

Aug. 20-Sept. 4: We welcome a brand-new vehicle (with a fascinating history) to the World of Tanks family!

Aug. 30-Sept. 10: What are some of the slowest and toughest Premium vehicles in the game? Check out our selections when the "Snail Squad" Bundle goes on sale!

Tier VII/VIII of the Week

Every Friday: We feature a different Tier VII or VIII vehicle each week, bundled with Premium Time, Boosters, and other goodies. Special Gold, Credits, and Premium Account time combination bundles are also available — each sale lasts only one week, so make sure and check back each Friday for a new offer!

Special Weekend Events

Our weekend events feature special missions, XP bonuses, and more:
Aug. 10-13: Supply Raid Missions and x2 Crew XP Weekend 
Aug. 31-Sept. 4: Labor Day Extended Missions and x2 Crew XP Weekend

On Track

Get on the fast track to top-tier vehicles! This month we turn to the Czech. Tech. Tree and show you how to earn a Tier X medium tank!

Aug. 15-Sept. 4: On Track to the TVP T 50/51

Tank Mastery Missions

Get an "Ace Tanker"Mastery Badge on the following tanks to unlock six special emblems:

Aug. 3-13 — Wave 1:

Aug. 10-20 — Wave 2:

Aug. 17-27 — Wave 3:

Aug. 24-Sept. 4* — Wave 4:
*Extended for Labor Day.

Aug. 31-Sept. 10 — Wave 5: