Operation Think Tank (San Francisco) Attendance Sign-Up

If you wish to attend Operation Think Tank in person, and visit the MVTF collection while you're at it, this is the announcement for you.

Unfortunately, we cannot have an 'open' attendance at this event, we are limited to a certain number. 

Please indicate a desire to attend by visiting the thread, and if you are planning on bringing a (1) friend/relative/person-you-love-dearly. We can't do block-booking of groups. In one week, we shall be randomly selecting invitees who will receive a registration form and instructions. If you are a visitor to World of Tanks, you're welcome to submit your name, but you will need to register on the forum. We are giving it a few days so that people can take the time to verify whether they truly are available to come.

You will want to be able to get to the Portola Valley area at about 0900. Due to the planned attendance numbers, there will be no parking available at the museum, you will be given meet-up instructions and transported up and back. Though the panel sessions will be ending by about 1500, you will have the opportunity to wander the museum for a couple of hours afterwards, so a true enthusiast will be getting kicked out somewhere around 1730 and dragged onto the last shuttle bus out.

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