Keep Up the Fight in Onslaught!


We're entering the final stage of cutthroat battles in the first season of the new Onslaught mode, Season of the Griffin, available through November 21. This is your last chance to gather your strength and make a final push to victory!

Since the start of the mode, we’ve been closely monitoring your engagement in Onslaught. And it's clear that you really enjoy the mode's mechanics, especially the unique Super Platoon feature!

Your results are truly impressive, so keep up the fight! You still have some time to grab your friends or clanmates and prove yourself in Super Platoons, going head-to-head against opponents of same skill level.

Super Platoons

To boost your fighting spirit and add even more fuel to the rivalry fire, we’ve determined the best Super Platoon Commanders. World of Tanks is always in need of heroes, so we have identified the most passionate tankers among you, who have managed to achieve the highest results. We've broken the results down into four categories across Divisions:

Victorious — the Commander with the most victories.

Original — the Commander with the greatest variety of vehicles used to win battles.

Irreproachable — the Commander with the most shutout wins (7-0).

Rapid — the Commander with the fastest victory.

The coolest top tankers in the Legend and Champion Divisions will hold the most honored titles. They’ve entered the elite of the Onslaught player base, and their outstanding results are sure to spark envy in other Commanders!


Victorious O_P_Hacker
105 victories as a Super Platoon Commander

Original Demonic671
14 different vehicles used to win as a Super Platoon Commander

Irreproachable O_P_Hacker
18 shutout wins as a Super Platoon Commander

Rapid ll_Pain_ll
01:07 to win a battle as a Super Platoon Commander


We also want to thank all of our active players. Even if you haven't been ranked yet, you still have time to show off your combat skills! Let's have a look.

Keep in mind that these results may change as the event goes on.

In the case of ties, the Commander who has fought more battles in Onslaught will take the higher place.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Champion / Legend
1 holgabri (52) TLson_1 (9) platinumdust (7) Jarederek (01:11)
2 KimZmaus (51) Danfear (9) eMGunslinger (6) LoganMitchell62 (01:14)
3 eMGunslinger (43) Dragonfantasma (8) KimZmaus (6) Marck_A_WOTs (01:14)
4 us_sabo (32) Rubber_bullets421 (8) Thumper6over9 (6) SgtAKP (01:14)
5 _BehiliaN_ (29) JotaTMBR (8) Migs_Mayfeld (5) JeFlNN (01:16)
1 Baby_Yoda (65) Whatever_Works (12) __KOZAK__ (8) Jipner16 (01:10)
2 Enemy_Pixel (55) Baby_Yoda (11) Enemy_Pixel (7) __KOZAK__ (01:13)
3 KyleTheCatLover (47) Enemy_Pixel (11) KyleTheCatLover (7) PriMalEnergy (01:13)
4 HighWoltage_Ru (35) Eeveelutions (9) CaptianJackSparUwU (7) tanked2375 (01:15)
5 FranciscoH21 (35) QAQ_GGboy (9) Eeveelutions (7) Enemy_Pixel (01:15)
1 Adriel6662 (61) Night1Rider (11) WolfenSturm (10) H1ramm (01:08)
2 I_AM_KAST477 (57) m0nk3ysaurusrex (9) DonStrigger__Chatbanned (10) Alex_Mtl_718 (01:10)
3 Night1Rider (57) MagnumDongSauce (9) Night1Rider (9) tonymini (01:12)
4 Menggeigei (48) Adriel6662 (8) Athenarian (9) DrDerp (01:29)
5 WolfenSturm (47) Menggeigei (8) Adriel6662 (8) ISenpai (01:30)
1 O_P_Hacker (105) Demonic671 (14) O_P_Hacker (18) ll_Pain_ll (01:07)
2 JhonJM (70) Novembear (12) xys182kk (16) Kevin_Firmament (01:10)
3 WaRP3cker___ (63) CoMan05 (12) ll_Pain_ll (14) xys182kk (01:13)
4 Novembear (51) DaBusssy (11) CoMan05 (10) k1rito98 (01:13)
5 Kevin_Firmament (48) Decembear (11) JhonJM (9) _KpacoTKa_ (01:17)

We've also put together some interesting statistics about your activity in Onslaught. Check out these amazing facts!

Joint efforts

15,082,293 shots made
1,323,644 vehicles destroyed
2,035,662,125 kilometers driven
2,774,852 abilities activated
50,495,047 HP repaired


Records and Fun Facts

10,888 the highest damage dealt by a single player in one battle
14,916 the highest damage dealt by a duo
464 the most Prestige Points gained in one battle
9 the most Points of Interest captured in one battle
18 times 7 tanks were destroyed by one player
39 least number of battles fought to reach Champion rank

We salute all of the players who have participated in Onslaught mode! And for those who haven't tried it yet, don't miss your opportunity!

Roll Out!

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