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1,000,000 Likes on Facebook

Greetings, World of Tanks fans!

A very important moment approaches. Last year began with 413,000 Likes on the World of Tanks Facebook page. Today, a staggering 948,002 fans follow our page! Your outpouring of support is huge, and as you can see we're very close to crossing the one-million mark!

At Wargaming, we feel this is cause for celebration; we love to commemorate these epic achievements and accomplishments, especially those that involve the community! It's not just about numbers, though -- the World of Tanks Facebook page is a place to enjoy easy interaction with our Community teams, as well as YouTubers and streamers from the community at large. In addition, Facebook provides tankers a quick and easy way to keep in touch with each other, a forum to discuss the latest big news each day, and access to up-to-date contest information-- all while sharing the fun things that you love about World of Tanks.

We want your help! Let's spread the word and recruit our fans who aren't yet following us to join us in breaking the 1,000,000-Like mark by May 1!

Hitting the Million Mark

We're so close! Let's rally to break the record. If we can cross the 1,000,000 Likes mark on Facebook before May 1, we will celebrate in style. For 24 hours, we'll feature a Double XP multiplier for every victory on the World of Tanks server for everyone! This XP bonus will apply to all victories after the first win of the day.

Objective Reward

Break 1,000,000 Facebook Likes

x2 XP for Every Victory

Thank you all for your support of World of Tanks!

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