On Track to The Medium Tank 121


On Track events are moving from 1-15 of the month to the first Monday of the month, running for two weeks.


This month, we continue our focus on China, taking a closer look at the Medium Tank, 121. This tier X Chinese medium tank is a real workhorse. Capable of maneuvering like a medium, this tank can zip from building to building causing trouble for your enemies. With the ability to mount a 122mm gun, you can sacrifice some agility for legitimate firepower, making the 121 a multipurpose combat vehicle.

To help you as you make your way down the Chinese medium line, we're featuring some healthy discounts and bonuses on several important vehicles. Check out the event below!

For more details on the Medium Tank: 121, click here.

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Event Begins: 03:00 PST (06:00 EST) on December 2, 2013

Event Ends: 03:00 PST (06:00 EST) on December 16, 2013

50% Credit Discount and 50% Credit Bonus for the Following Vehicles

II Vickers Mk. E Type B Vickers Mk. E Type B   III Type 2597 Chi-Ha Type 2597 Chi-Ha IV M5A1 Stuart M5A1 Stuart V Type T-34 Type T-34


30% Credit Discount and 30% Credit Bonus for the Following Vehicles

VI 59-16 59-16   VII WZ-131 WZ-131 VIII WZ-132 WZ-132 IX WZ-120 WZ-120 X 121 121

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