October "Shriek" Preview: Boo!

October is frightfully packed! Our 10-Year Anniversary concludes, Battle Pass: Season 3 gets n full swing, new On Track missions arrive, and new Premium Shop are up for grabs—and we're just getting started! Having trouble keeping up? Watch our weekly video series, WoT's Next for the latest and greatest.

The following schedule is by no means complete or comprehensive (hint, hint) so make sure to check back for updates and surprises.


  • April 14–Oct. 12 (ongoing): 10th Anniversary
  • Sept. 17–Dec. 6 (ongoing): Battle Pass
  • Sept. 28–Oct. 12: The Last Waffenträger
  • Oct. 1–15: Tanks & Medals
  • Oct. 2–31: Tank Rewards
  • October Month-long Events
  • October On Track Missions
  • October Premium Shop Offers
  • October Weekend XP & Specials
April 14–Oct. 12 (ongoing): 10th Anniversary

Use your Anniversary Coins!

The celebration is coming to an end! Make sure and use your Anniversary Coins before October 12; after that date, they're gone for good.


Sept. 17–Dec. 6 (ongoing): Battle Pass

The marines arrive in Season 3!

The third Season is here! Work your way through 45 challenging Stages and net sweet rewards like unique Crew members Jack Reed and Nikolay Samokhin and exclusive 3D Styles for the T110E5 avd IS-4. Once you complete the Main Progression missions, you can earn Bonds and one-of-a-kind Decals in the Elite Progression challenges!


Sept. 28–Oct. 12: The Last Waffenträger

Destroy the legendary tank destroyer!

Long ago, colossal German Tier X tank destroyers with high-caliber autoloaders roamed the battlefields of World of Tanks. Some believed the Waffenträger were gone forever...but a single one remains and has returned with even more power! Take on the empowered legendary vehicle as part of a seven-strong team of modernized T-55 Thunderbolt tanks to earn the right to command the Waffenträger!

The Last Waffenträger Event

Oct. 1–15: Tanks & Medals

Show your mettle with Medals

Earn specific Medals and net items like Consumables, Personal Reserves, and bonus XP. Each earned Medal and Reward yields a certain number of Tokens; players who earn the most Tokens get extra-special rewards.

Oct. 2–31: Tank Rewards


Complete as many missions as possible, rack up Tank Rewards tokens, and then use those tokens to redeem items from a reward tier.


October Month-long Events

Tank University and Tournament Missions

  • Oct. 1–Nov. 1: Tank University Missions. Earn earn hefty bonus XP in a series of challenges to help you master tank destroyers, light, medium, and heavy tanks!
  • Oct. 1–Nov. 1: Tournament Missions. Earn Personal Reserves for completing specific objectives during October Tournament matches!
October On Track Missions

Add Tier X vehicles to your Garage!

Work up Tech Trees to earn Tier X vehicles! Our On Track missions overlap and each one lasts one month.

  • Sept. 5–Oct. 5 (ongoing): On Track to the Pz.Kpfw. VII
  • Oct. 5–Nov. 5: On Track to the 121
  • Oct. 20–Nov. 20: On Track to the AMX 50 B


October Premium Shop Offers

Noteworthy offers

October Weekend XP & Specials

Bonus XP, valuable items, and special discounts

  • Oct. 2–5: German Unity (Credit discounts on German Tech. Tree Tier IV-X vehicles)
  • Oct. 912: ×3 XP, discounts, and repeatable ×2 Crew XP
  • Oct. 1619: ×4 XP, special XP conversion rate, and Missions
  • Oct. 2326: 25% discount on Consumables and Equipment
  • Oct. 30–Nov. 2: Halloween ×3 XP and Customization discount Weekend