Spooky Specials and More in October!

Ghosts and goblins hide around every corner this October, so keep an eye out! Besides, you don't want to miss tank-style trick-or-treating, Shop discounts on essentials, and tanks with wicked paint jobs -- all that and more for World of Tanks in October!

"Trick-or-Treat" Tank Rewards

Go trick-or-treating at TankRewards.com this October, and receive scary good "tricks" and "treats!"


Weekly Premium Shop Deals

More epic deals are coming your way this month, each limited to one per account - so make 'em count!


Monster Tanks for Sale

Treat yourself to one (or more!) of these terrifying vehicles, including the first-ever Swedish Premium tank.

Children's Day

October 12: World of Tanks celebrates Brazil's Children's Day with discounts on consumables, Emblems, camouflage and Premium time!

Third Thursday Throwdown

October 20: Fight the mob of rental Premium tanks for one crazy Thursday!

On Track Events

Speed through the tech tree to monstrous tier Xs with discounts and missions during the On Track events.

  • Oct. 3-17: Type 5 Heavy
  • Oct. 17-31: Leopard 1

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